3GPP Visualization


The 3GPP Standards is an open standard that has many dimensions which encompasses requirements, services, protocols, and technical realizations.  While the 3GPP specification group has done an admirable job of organizing this information in a logical taxonomy, understanding which specification interact with each other and how the standards are linked requires considerable considerable study.   The following link shows how a visual navigation framework can not only improve access to relevant specification, but also develops a visual model of how the various specification relates to the specific standard.

Questiny Group Inc. specializes in helping our clients solving technical and technological challenges in multiple industries.  A recent engagement required us to understand the complexity of 3GPP standards, and the resulting implications to our client’s product development.  Since we find it helpful and the 3GPP standard is an open standard, we publish it here to share with our clients and collegues.

To access the 3GPP standard visualization, simply click on the following link: