Market Intelligence

Faithfully executing technical tasks is only part of successfully launching a new product or service. Ensuring that the new product or service meets the market needs and keeps up with market changes is also vital. Questiny’s deep understanding of the market can help you target your technical and management tasks and efficiently execute your project.

Satellite Simulation

Competency Capability
Technology Products and Players Our knowledge “plex” provides you the ability to see links between people, products, technology and companies.
Satellite Markets Our knowledge “plex” provides links the people, products, technology, companies and satellite capabilities together providing deep insights into the trends in the market place.
Broadband Satellites A up and coming technology with systems such as ViaSat-1 and TerreStar, our knowledge bases provide information as to where these technologies and services are headed.
Military SATCOM Our knowledge bases are tracking the developments in the industry regarding SATCOM-on-the-move, military broadcast satellites and advanced terminal technologies.
Commercial SATCOM Knowing the players and their activities is vital to planning new ventures in the communications satellite market place. Our knowledge ‘plexes’ provide links to the various commercial satellite players and activities.