Satellite Simulations

Satellite telecommunication systems have become increasingly complex over time. Recently, satellite telecommunication systems have begun to address the mobile user market. This is a marked departure from the past where the majority of satellite terminals were fixed. Fixed terminals allowed engineers to design systems using relatively static assumptions. That began to change when the low-earth orbiting systems such as GlobalStar and Iridium began to address the cellular market. Those markets did not emerge in the scale that the original designers had hoped, but they opened the way for a new generation of satellite systems. These new systems employ very large satellites and incorporate terrestrial relay system to fill in the gaps from the satellites and expand capacity in locales where the satellite has been oversubscribed. These newer systems will addres the mobile user market with data rates and services only imagined by previous satellite system designers. However, as the systems have become complicated so has the task of assessing the performance, capacity and resource utilization of these systems. To address this, Questiny has developed the SATCOM Wireless Network Simulator (WiNS).


The Land-mobile SATCOM WiNS simulator brings terminal mobility, advanced channel modeling, resource management, and dynamic spectral allocation into a satellite link performance estimator. This satellite simulations program is to link budgets, what video is to still pictures-it adds the dynamics that makes it real. With SATCOM WiNS, users can simulate dynamic mobile traffic, varying channel conditions, dynamic satellite orbits, dynamic spectrum allocation, variable interference environments, and the terrestrial component in hybrid systems. In addition, the simulator can model the link aspects of newer broadband protocols such as DVB-S2, DVB-SH, WiMax, WCDMA, and GMR. With this information, system users, operators and engineers can see the interaction of their decisions on their satellite network performance. For the Military, this can be a valuable mission planning tool allowing signals officers to evaluate communications plans and link budges before committing resources to a military operation.



For more information, please continue reading Questiny Group Inc.’s simulation modeling perspective.

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