Wireless and Satellite Communications

Whether a new wireless system or the next generation of communications satellite, Questiny can design the wireless system or products that make your business successful. And you'll get results 3 to 5 times faster than anybody else.

Using Questiny's custom design tools and processes, such as our Wireless Network Simulator (WiNS), our clients can accuarately estimate the interaction between technical and business performance exemplified by the current LightSquared GPS interference issues. The full range of our technical services include system design, requirements definition, system performance estimation, business planning and program management.

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Knowledge Management and Visualization

Questiny had developed a unique method, process and tools that transforms information into understanding. Understanding is the ability to flexibly apply knowledge where knowledge is information “on tap”. With such vast amounts of information available on any topic these days, organizing and presenting this information in a way that has meaning and offers insights is difficult. Questiny has develop processes, methods and tools that create that presentation and provides our clients with the contexts that allow them to develop new insights and understanding of their business.

Satellite Market Intelligence

Questiny prepares knowledge networks for our client’s markets. Quesiny’s unique knowledge presentation tools allow our client’s to navigate market information according to a variety of taxonomies and navigate connections that are invisible in other media. The presentation of these connections and relationships provide insights into the markets our clients could not otherwise ascertain. These knowledge networks provides visualizations of the connections between companies, technologies, people, investments, and activities.

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Digital and Wireless Training and Standards

Modern wireless systems standards are complex compendiums with many versions, ammendments and draft recommendations. Questiny offers courses in:

• WiMax
• IEEE 802.11
• Zigbee

Questiny Group has developed a visual standards navigation tool that allows students to understand these complex standards from multiple contexts inlcuding technical, control layers, functional, security, etc. This tool is so effective, we have been able to develop a very cost effective training program around them. Our digital and wireless training courses train you in the technology that underlies many of these standards providing the students an understanding of the "why" behind the standards.

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