Geospatial and Geoinformatics

Questiny is a small business specializing in geospatial data analysis and the visualization of large data.  This capability grew out of our processing of satellite sensor data in development of satellite systems and capabilities.  We have developed software that has automated the workflow that combines user-specific data with geospatial information.  Through the application of computational geometry and open-source software, we have created a system capable of parsing large amounts of data, presenting that information in geospatial contexts so that users gain deep insights. Questiny Group has embraced geographic information systems (GIS) as an integral part of software design / development for dynamic satellite systems. Questiny offers clients a range of GIS services including application development, automated data processing, asset management and analysis, and GIS implementation.

Questiny has automated complex data processing workflows in multiple disciplines including satellite data processing, large communications network deployments, and multi-purpose geosensor data.  Questiny has produced unique visualization capabilities within these applications to display large quantities of data in ways that provide users/analysts with deep insights into their data.

Accuracy and efficiency in data collection, processing, and analysis is paramount for military defense and intelligence organizations. Questiny has been involved in defense, military, and intelligence projects for over 15 years and is well-positioned to quickly respond to their unique security and IA requirements. Questiny understands the structure, requirements, review, and approval systems of many national security agencies, including the DoD, US Army, and the US Navy.