Program Support

Doing the right thing at the right time depends on having experienced people to perform those tasks. Questiny Group supported major corporations and agencies such as Lockheed Martin, Loral, SPAWAR in the capacities listed in the table below to accellerate product development cycle.

Competency Capability
“Blackhat” Teams and Studies We can develop alternative systems based upon estimated competitors technologies you can use to pre-evaluate your prposals.
Red Team Support We can provide teams to evaluate your proposal priot to submission and provide a managed process for incorporating changes and improviements.
Contract audits Audit contracts for compliance
Contract Negotiations Assist decision makers with the resolution of issues during contract negotiaions, developing negotiation strategies, and incorporating those strategies into other technical work.
Expert Witness Provide expert witness testimony for lawyers engaged in court cases over satellite or spectrum rights.
Proposal preparation/evaluation Evaluation of proposals
RFP preparation Prepare Request for Proposal (RFP) documents.
Satellite system business modeling Development of business cost and revenue models
Risk evaluation Assessment of business and market risk
Conceptual Design Studies We can correlate your system concepts with businsess planning and development
Frequency Coordination & Filing We can prepare and submit your FCC filing and license application. We can also work to develop the materials needed for FCC approval and ITU coordination.
Requirements definition, modeling and management (System Specifications) We can determine your requirements for the system, derive and allocate requirements to sub-systems, model the requirements, and develop a requirements database to manage your requirements.
Technology assessment and evaluation Deep assessments and evaluation of new and available technologies provides you insights into your business and project planning.