Technical Consulting

Questiny provides you a full complement of technical consulting for you satellite and wireless projects. Below is a table of capabilities we have to support your projects. Our experience offers the competence and agility to meet your project milestones. Our speed means that you can achieve those milestones within your budget limits. For a complementary project consultation, please fill out the contact form below.

Technical Consulting Services offered:

Competency Capability
Payload design We have designed both commerical and military advanced SATCOM payloads.
Broadcast Satellites Developing DTH and direct broadcast satellite systems
Commercial Communications Satellites Commercial satellite payload and satellite network designs
Military Communications Satellites The development of military satellite communications systems
LEO Satellite Systems The development and implementation of LEO satellite systems such as Iridium and GlobalStar
Mobile Satellites The development of satellite systems focused on the mobile user-aka Satcom-on-the-move (COTM)
Risk Assessments Technical risk assessment
Conceptual Design Studies Definition and design of satellite network services and the associated technical capabilities
Coverage and Gap Analysis Determine the geographic coverage of a satellite system, and any gaps that might occur.
Interference Analysis Assessment of interference between satellite systems and their associated terminals
Intermodulation analysis Determination of the intermodulation products and spectrum of non-linear amplifiers
Ionospheric modeling Model the degradation to radio signals due to perturbations from the ionosphere.
Propagation modeling and estimation Modeling of the propagation links for satellite terminals
Reverse Engineering Estimating the performance of competitive products
RF Link Analysis Preparing static link budgets and the determination of adequate satellite link performance
Satellite constellation and orbit design Trading the launch costs and associated orbit constellations associated with it
Satellite network design Designing the satellite network system that best meets the user needs
System performance estimation Estimating the performance of satellite networks and systems
Technical and Network Troubleshooting Determining the cause of network faults and performance issues
Terminal Design The design or integration of user terminal equipment
Terminal Installation We can procure and instal your satellite terminals or user equipment. We can also install your hub terminals or support the co-location of your equipment into hosted ground facilities.
Traffic Analysis Develop user traffic models or analyze user traffic statistics to develop an understanding of what communications services users need, and when.
Frequency Coordination & Filing The filing of FCC licensing documents
Requirements definition, modeling and management (System Specifications) determination of system requirements, the authoring of requirements documents, and the management of requirements databases.
Technology assessment and evaluation Examination of satellite communications technologies
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